Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We signed the consolidated documents today and going to site in 20 days! So excited as not much has been happening just waiting for all the approvels to come back, there were a few mistakes but easy fixed. It pays to pay attention and read everything as we did over a nice brecky at rouse hill today the weather was great and hope it holds out for us. The excitement of building our home is coming back, after the paperwork dragged on i thought we were never going to get started. we spend 21k over budget we aimed for $215,000 with a cut off at $220,000 but ended up being $236,000 so easy to do and still we have to do fencing, letter box, clothes line, grass and the pool or spa! We figuered once its built we cant change it and most of eldertons standards were old style things or cheap things, we should of looked further into it but didnt think building a new home you would get dated features. I guess its good if your on a budget and dont care but not good if you like modern. few eg were all cupboards linen pantry were cheap wire shelving not good for a pantry if you have any spills, we had to upgrade to melamine shelving. Bathroom sinks we upgraded to the bowls that sit on the bench rather than the molded standard ones as i wanted to choose bench colors. we wanted a black gloss kitchen that wasnt standard and the kitchen appliances was another upgrade as the ones that were standard were in our 30year old home we just sold so we didnt want that again. Overal we did get discounts and other things put in at no cost but we paid for them in other ways, as nothing is for nothing. Looking forward to posting photos soon xxx

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