Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Richard got back from holidays and we were dealing with someone else and in one day all our problems were fixed, things we have been waiting for over a week to sort out.. Handles we choose that we're discontinued and there was no other ones but to upgrade or get a credit on and do ourselves later well he managed to find some so that's fantastic news and I always had regrets on the bathroom handles as I wanted Crome ones I was able to get them too. So it's been a good day. We went passed the site to see more bricking done I'm hoping by the end of the week it will be finished.


Yesterday we went passed the site to see they have started the bricking, it looked like it was going to rain but it didn't and today is sunny so that's good news.. We have had a few cracks in the slab we got a private builder to check them out and it's all good. We are into our 7 week of building with 13 weeks to go if no delays and weather stays good..

Monday, May 28, 2012


Well what do you know 10 days after the windows were delivered they have finally been installed that took awhile not sure what the hold up was, lets hope they start on the bricks tomorrow..corner stacker was not done not sure why can't wait to see how it looks..the house seems small to what I had pictured it's 25 a massive house would be 32 so I hope it all turns out perfect..

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Went passed the site today windows still have not been put in I'm getting concerned about this and it might mean delays, sand and bricks were delivered that's great news but than it started to rain! Im hoping it will clear up by Monday as not sure if brickeys work over the weekend not to mention the windows still need doing!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Went by the site today to see if the windows have been installed to find the man doing the plumbing but no window installers. it's a great feeling when you see work being done to your home, it's that one step closer to moving in..


It took 2 days to complete the frame and the windows arrived Friday went by the site yesterday being Monday and windows have not been installed we thought they would've been done. I got an email today stating they would be done this week and bricks would be delivered this week also so excited about this news! On another note internal handles we selected from the standard range are no longer available and there is only one handle in the standard range and it's round, round won't suit the house we wanted square, we are not happy about this how can you not have a range to chose from not to mention almost everything has been an upgrade for us. We asked to get a credit and do it our selfs but they cannot do this! Not happy!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today stopping past the site we seen our frame delivered it has been 9days since the slab was done.we have a problem with the two front windows there not what we thought our fault for not paying more attention. after seeing our builders there attitude was tuff they have been ordered but if it's not what we are happy with we will change it. Currently there a 4 panel window, we are looking at changing them too double hanging windows a little bit more modern. I also told them we didn't want there handles they gave us after the ones we picked are no longer available yet they do have similar ones but u guessed it they are an upgrade!!! I would think they would just be nice and chuck them in but still waiting on the variation.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Looking back a few months ago there was very little going on in crimson and you could see land now you see alot of houses going up some moved in.. some almost in, ive meet a few neighbours and chatted to a few on the net.. its nice to know its a friendly street to be moving into:-) Our contract date for hand over is August 29th but we are exspecting delays weather ect ect but praying it will be finished soon as i cant wait to get out of my parents place yes i do love them but i also love having my own home..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Went by the site today and the external drains have been completed! Im looking forward to seeing the frame go up next... we have a 20 week build time and im hoping we will meet this as we have had enough delays dealing with the bank not to mention this new home was my last years birthday present and im wanting to be in it by this years birthday..


So we went away on a 4 week holiday and we werent exspecting our slab to be completed till a week after we got back but doing a quick stop by on our way home from the airport to our surprise the slab was complete, it was a great surprise! we are hoping everything else moves as quick, while we were away we got an email stating some handles were not availible anymore and have been replaced with different ones i will be looking into this as we wont settle for the next best thing as this is our home and we want to decided what goes in it sometimes i think builders have it will do attitude and i dont think thats good enough.