Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So we went away on a 4 week holiday and we werent exspecting our slab to be completed till a week after we got back but doing a quick stop by on our way home from the airport to our surprise the slab was complete, it was a great surprise! we are hoping everything else moves as quick, while we were away we got an email stating some handles were not availible anymore and have been replaced with different ones i will be looking into this as we wont settle for the next best thing as this is our home and we want to decided what goes in it sometimes i think builders have it will do attitude and i dont think thats good enough.


  1. Glad to see things are moving along for you now :) I noticed this slab went down last week, but didn't know that it was yours! Hopefully they'll continue moving along quickly for you and I considering all the decent weather we are having at the moment!

  2. yes i think its great timing as the next week is going to be no rain!im praying things move quick! it was us that waved at you guys yesterday we were at our neighbours place..

  3. Ah! lol! Sorry about that I'm blind as a bat! Next time you see either of us up there make sure to come and say hi! It's great meeting all the soon to be neighbours! :)