Thursday, June 21, 2012


                                                         Front of house with missing tiles
                                 we are worried about the rain getting thur and sitting on the eves
          Master bedroom, the left hand side will be a hanging reading swing where it gets alot of sun
                       Ensuite on the left with double vanity along the window and to the right walk in robe
                                                                    Front entry hall
                              Corner stacker doors looking from the kitchen left and living right
                                     Corner stacker looking from the alfresco into the kitchen
                                           The mans drive thur garage and living to the right
                             A huge cut out at the end of front hall way looking from the garage
                                                                      3 of 4 bedrooms
4 of 4 bedrooms
The eves were done today! we are liking how elderton have picked up the pace considering there was a week were nothing was done and it can be frustrating and the weather isn't to blame the weather has been great not a rainy day all week. The roof tiles still have not arrived it must of been annoying being a few short we hope it doesnt rain as water will get traped under the tiles and we don't want any part of the frame wet no to mention going in and sitting on the eves. Not only was the eves done today the cladding at the front was done. This will be stained to a timber look finish.I'm guessing next job will be electrical.

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